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My journey with physical fitness starts where most young Men and Woman’s journey’s start. I was in the 8th grade and a girl looked at me and told me I would never have a girlfriend because I was to skinny. I was then sitting at home in front of the TV watching Dragon ball Z with all the crazy fight scenes and being all jacked and decided that’s what I wanted my body to look like.

I started working out hard building my body with pull-ups, sit-ups, everything you can think of until my father brought me home those plastic sand weights and a bench. I would do thousands of reps for every body part.  It was safe to say I was obsessed, I had books, magazines everything you could think of.  That same year I watched a Kung-fu presentation at my school and I knew I wanted to start training in Martial arts. I stepped away from lifting weights for a few years.

A few years later I joined the Marine Corps, while I was in training I injured my tibia causing me to get held back. I was stuck in a terrible place and my only escape was to start training in the gym again. I again became obsessed. But this time things were different I was able to control how I ate. This allowed me to start putting on weight. I grew from 160 to a good clean 170 in little less then a year. As time went on my knowledge and ability grew. I noticed that I was stronger in certain areas and weaker in others. So I started training those weaker areas in an attempt to make my physique look and feel better. I started going to fitness expos and meeting people.

The Marine Corps started recognizing my love for fitness and helping people achieve their goals so in 2017 they sent me to Force Fitness School in Virginia. At the school we studied Biomechanics and kinesiology I and II. Intensely studied nutrition and supplementation and became HITT master instructor. With this 3 months of schooling I was able to come back to my Unit and change the lives of hundreds of Marines. Many of who were going to get kicked out for height and weight standards. I was able to return them to the height and weight standards and they were able to complete their time and leave the Military with an Honorable discharge.

In 2018 after a bad divorce I found myself depressed and down but instead of dwelling on the issue I picked up some weights and decided I wanted to start competing. I went from coach to coach taking the good and the bad and molding it into my own training programing. This allowed me to have a wealth of knowledge to share with anyone who wants to learn.

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